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Our Promise
Your Business is Our Business


Reduce Risk

Eliminate or reduce your exposure to risk with a training program that hits all the key points to teach, test, and document competency.

Control Cost

True costs? Price. Manhours. Revenue. It adds up quickly. We respect your company’s need to get your people back to work ASAP.

Protect Revenue

Poorly trained operators means More damage. More Incidents.  More Downtime.  Protect your hard earned revenue with first class operators.

Convenient Schedule

We make the schedule work for you. Isn’t it about time you picked up the phone and heard yes?

About us

Our mission is to be the first name in quality, on demand, time efficient heavy equipment training in Manitoba. We strive to be recognized as the best in the business for operator training and certification, while continually focusing on providing the most effective service to their employers.

At Onsite Equipment Training Services, we promise to be at your service when and you need us and provide you with the most comprehensive and sound training available in North America today. We promise to bring our years of experience, unique approach, and broad prospective to achieve the best possible outcomes for your business.


Our Team


Yaba Cisse

Master Trainer/Owner

Over a decade of experience as a trainer and business owner have taught me to value your need to get three things right for my clients. Trust, Quality and Cost.


Rick Erhart

Master Trainer

Over 20 years as an instructor has connected me with hundreds of interesting safety minded people.  I am grateful to have learned a lot from them.


Damion Waugh

Sales and Marketing

Safety is key to good culture.  The most profitable companies understand safety comes first.  if you get buy-in here.  You can get it everywhere.

Onsite Equipment Training Services

We believe that training and certifying equipment operators should not be a difficult process.  Our clients need their operators trained on their time, not on a rigid schedule decided by someone else.

We train at the jobsite so that you meet the regulations and your staff are back work soon as their training is completed.


In Our Community

In my voluntary role as a mobile powered equipment trainer for Siloam Mission, I train and certify their clients on Counter Balanced Forklifts.

I used to give money and often my time to help others. I`ve always believed that helping others is an obligation in this life, because I understand what it means to have very little, but in all honesty I was very frustrated by the lack of actual change I was able to effect in someone else`s life, long term.

My work with Siloam Mission has given me a means to make that change. It is a great balance to my professional life and fulfills a need that is in step with a skill set that I possess.

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Onsite Partnerships

Reaching E-Quality Employment Services (REES) has helped people with physical disabilities and/or health conditions connect with quality employment since 1989. REES offers a wide range of employment counselling and consultation services, connecting Winnipeg job-seekers with employers.

REES believes that collaboration with employers and other community agencies is essential.  REES takes great pride in providing information about equitable and respectful workplace practices that contributes to the independence of people with physical disabilities and/or health conditions. Take advantage of the knowledge and resources that REES has to offer!

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Want to join our team of independent trainers

Do you have experience training operators or experience operating equipment? Got a good grasp of the rules and regulations in your area? If so, you may be a good fit to join our growing team. We partner with trainers across North America. Contact Us today to learn more.

Email us at: yaba@onsitetrainers.ca

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