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Schedule Aerial lift Certification in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas with Onsite Equipment Training Services

Aerial lift certification is a workplace safety and Health requirement in Winnipeg and across Manitoba, Canada. According to the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards for aerial boom lift training and scissor lift operator training. Your awp training needs to demonstrate 2 important competencies:

  1. Mental awareness.
  2. Physical ability.

Onsite Training’s lift operator certification course ensures you meet these 2 requirements for your lift operators. Additionally we offer you a lift operator recertification and online elevated work platform training class for your operation’s specific time sensitive needs.

Aerial lift Certification Price:

Hands on:

Boom lift training/scissor lift training

$199.00 per person.

$1,799.00 group rate. Max 10 operators.

Combined aerial lift (boomlift + scissorlift) certification price

$299.00 per person.

2,398.00 group rate. Max 10 operators.

Blended online manlift operator certification courses

*online theory training, onsite hands on practical evaluation

$175.00 per person.

$1575.00 group rate. Maximum 10 operators.

Combined online aerial lifts training prices (boomlift + scissorlift)

$249.00 per person

$2195.00 group rate. Maximum 10 operators.

Whether it’s an online genie lift course or online JLG lift course. We’ve got you covered!

Aerial Lift Training Course Outcomes

  1. Lower the risk of an incident or accident.
  2. Meet and exceed Manitoba Aerial Lift operator training regulations.
  3. Aerial Lift license recognized across North America
  4. Reduce the risk of Manitoba workplace & health investigations and fines.
  5. Maintain CORE compliant status.
  6. Qualify for possible lower insurance rates.

Choose from Scissor lift certification, boom lift certification, or a combined aerial lifts certification course.

Quality, Price, Wages, Revenue. Onsite Training recognizes and respects your need to have all of these factors respected.

Course Length:

Class time usage is important to picking your provider. Courses are designed to hit key points and respect your time contraints.

Beginner approx. 5-8 hours (depending on class size)

Experienced/Recertification approx. 2-6 hours (depending on class size)

Manitoba training locations:

  • Onsite lift training at your workplace or at our aerial lift training school location.
  • Blended online course with a practical evaluation at your site on your aerial work platform.

AWP certification expectations:

  1. Professional operator manuals.
  2. Trainers are experienced operators.
  3. Flexible safety training schedule
  4. Blended online course for time sensitive training. (online boomlift course/online Scissorlift course, or online combined aerial lift course).
  5. Respect that you have a business to run. Let’s get your people back to work.

Training and Certification Course Outcomes:

  1. How to perform the 3 key inspections (walk around, powered functions, workplace inspections)
  2. Safety systems and devices
  3. Understanding Leverage and center of gravity
  4. Stability and capacity
  5. Safe operation of the lift truck
  6. Minimum approach to energized power lines
  7. Parking and shutdown

Training Records

The safety course for your staff comes with a full documentation package upon completion of this course. This includes theory and practical evaluations. Wallet-sized Aerial Work Platform certificate and wall-sized Aerial Lift certificate.

You also get an electronically stored certificate/aerial lift ticket stored in the mywalletcard web application (an Onsite Equipment Training Services partner). Free of charge. 

Manitoba Safety Workplace and Health Regulations:

CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. CSA B354.6, CSA B354.7, CAB354-8 (new CSA standards for aerial lift operators). Only CSA standards are referenced in Manitoba regulations.

Why get your man lift training by Onsite Equipment Training Services?

Using an Aerial Lift school is a great option for outsourcing your aerial work platform training. Save time, Money, and get it done right.

Get your aerial work platform certification in Winnipeg and surrounding areas today with Onsite Equipment Training Services. Your preferred Genie/JLG lift training school.

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Official CSA classification for your aerial lift:

M.E.W.P- Mobile Equipment Work Platform

MEWPs are now classified into types and groups using an alpha numeric code. Scissor/Vertical lifts are Type 3, Group A units while aerial boomlifts are Type 3, Group B.

Aerial lift certification commonly used names:

  • Genie lift training
  • JLG training service
  • Aerial Work Platform training
  • Aerial lift certification
  • Scissor Lift certification
  • Aerial Boom Lift certification
  • Man lift certification
  • Scissor lift safety

When & Where

Manhattan / NYC

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Aerial Lift Operator Training, Manitoba

November 27, 2018

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