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Onsite Equipment Training Services offers you professional aerial lift train the trainer certification programs for your in-house trainers. We help your trainers meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulatory requirements to train your in-house lift trainers. We offer train the trainer and certification in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We specialize in onsite Genie Lift train the trainer programs across Manitoba.

The program includes classroom instruction and a practical hands-on evaluation. The entire process documented in a professional package. The Aerial Lift train the trainer course is at your facility. At a schedule that meets your needs or at our location by open enrollment/appointment.

Scissor lift train the trainer, boom lift train the trainer, or a combined aerial lifts train the trainer certification course. The courses are available as a combined course or as individual courses. This way you can choose which lift you prefer for certifying your trainers. Save money, save time or both!

The choice is yours.

Train the trainer Location:

Onsite train the trainer at your shop/job site or at our training facility by appointment.

Online blended train the trainer. Program requires practical onsite evaluation.

Aerial lift Train The Trainer Course length:

1-2 days depending on training requirements. 

Man-lift train the trainer course options:

Hands-on Aerial Lift trainer training on site courses or at our location

Blended online aerial lift train the trainer course and onsite practical evaluation

*Travel outside of service area can be arranged. Additional charges may apply

Safety trainers will receive the knowledge and practical skills to educate and evaluate your in-house lift operators. The Aerial lift train the trainer courses exceed regulatory requirements.

What is the cost of Aerial Lift train the trainer?

Hands on

$1495 per person boom lift/scissor lift train the trainer.

Maximum 10 operators.

$2395 combined aerial lifts per person. Scissor lift and boom lift train the trainer.

Maximum 10 operators

Online Blended

$1295 per person. Blended online training and practical evaluation.

$2195 per person combined. Blended online training and practical evaluation.

Train the Trainer learning objectives:

Learn the rules and regulations for aerial work platform training

Learn how to teach leverage and stability principles

learn how to teach complicated systems in a simple format

Gain certificate in corporate training & development

Train the trainer qualifications that are proven and trusted

Train the Trainer training program outline?

It’s a simple 5 step process!

Step 1. Theory training delivered through the Aerial Lift trainer training manual/Aerial Lift online train the trainer training course.

Step 2. A written Aerial Lift trainer theory test must be completed. It will test the ability of your in-house trainer to understand safe Aerial Lift operation. A passing grade of 80% needed to move forward to practical training.

Step 3. After the theory test is completed with a passing grade we move on to the practical training on your Aerial Lift.

Step 4. A Practical Evaluation is then conducted. It will prove your Aerial Lift trainer can properly train your in-house operators.

Step 5. Once the Aerial Lift train the trainer course is completed the operator will get their Aerial Lift certified trainer license/Aerial Lift trainer certification. The certificate of completion should be carried at all times while training your operators.

Aerial lift train the trainer kit:

Trainers have access to all the necessary training materials to deliver an exceptional program. This includes:

Trainer Guide

Certificate in training lift operators

My Walletcard certification management account

Operator safe operation Training Guides

PowerPoint Presentations

Lessons Learned Safety Video

Online Train the Trainer certification online

Online Operator Training Programs

Documenting Trainer certification:

The program for industrial safety trainers comes with a full documentation package. This includes theory and practical evaluations. Wallet-sized Aerial Lift trainer certifications and wall-sized Aerial Lift trainer certificates. The trainer receives a training binder to manage all of their programs and lessons. Full operator packages to train all of your Aerial Lift trainers.

After successful completion You get an electronically a free Aerial Lift trainer certificate account in the mywalletcard web application. All your operator credentials are also stored in your mywalletcard account. Your Aerial Lift trainer information and certification credentials stored easier than ever before. You will get notified in advance when your operator is due for re-certification.

Manitoba Regulations:

4(2) without limiting the generality of an employer’s duty under subsection (1), every employer shall

(b) provide to all his worker’s such information, instruction, training, supervision and facilities to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his workers;

(c) ensure that all his workers, and particularly his supervisors, foremen, charge hands or similar persons, are acquainted with any safety or Health hazards which may be encountered by the workers in the course of their service and that workers are familiar with the use of all devices or equipment provided for their protection

Onsite Equipment Training Services realizes that your business needs flexibility in schedule. We will work with your schedule to help you meet your Forklift safety training needs.


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Manhattan / NYC

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Aerial Lift Train The Trainer, Manitoba

November 27, 2018

from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)

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