Forklift 1,2,4,5 Trainer

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Book Your forklift train the trainer courses in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Onsite Equipment Training Services offers you professional Forklift train the trainer certification programs for your in-house trainers. We help your forklift safety trainers meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulations to train your in-house lift trainers. We offer Forklift train the trainer and certification in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We specialize in onsite train the trainer programs across Manitoba. Our programs meet the standards of each province across Canada. Whether your province follows the CSA standards, ANSI standards or both. We’ve got your needs covered.

The program includes classroom instruction or an online forklift train the trainer course. After successful completion of theory training a practical hands-on evaluation to test your trainer’s skills in conducted. The entire process is documented. The documentation is recorded in a professional and simple package to keep things neat and easy for you.

The forklift train the trainer course is at your facility. At a schedule that meets your needs.

We also offer an open enrollment course at our location.

 Counterbalanced Class 1,4,5 train the trainer, Narrow aisle train the trainer, or a combined train the trainer certification course is available for you.

You can choose which train the trainer courses you need to certify your industrial safety trainers. Take advantage of the combined course savings today.

Forklift Train the Trainer course Location:

On site courses at your shop/job site

Train the trainer at our training facility by appointment.

Blended Online forklift train the trainer and practical onsite evaluation.

Forklift classifications:

Counterbalanced Class 1,4,5

Narrow aisle Class 2

Forklift Train the Trainer Class length:

1-2 days depending on course requirements

When & Where

Manhattan / NYC

Courses Name

Forklift Train The Trainer, Manitoba

November 27, 2018

from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)

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