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Scissor lift Training Winnipeg

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Scissor lift Training Winnipeg


Onsite Scissor Lift Training Winnipeg And Surrounding Areas

Scissor lift operator certification is a workplace safety and Health requirement in Winnipeg and across Manitoba, Canada. According to the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards your organization’s aerial lift operators must demonstrate 2 important competencies:

  1. Mental awareness.
  2. Physical ability.

Onsite Training’s scissor lift training and certification course ensures you meet these 2 requirements for your lift operators. Additionally we offer you a lift operator re-certification and online aerial work platform training class for your operation’s specific time sensitive needs.

Scissor Lift Training Winnipeg


What Makes US Different?

We help You Meet the Regulations and Create Safe Habits.

Meet the Regulations

Consider Your team Compliant because their training meets Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health regulations and CSA/ANSI/OSHA Industry Standards.

Convenient Training

When’s the next course? You tell us what works for you. We make it work. You expect hassle-free. So that’s what we do!

Combine Your Courses

Combine courses to save 35% – 50% off the PRICE and 79% of the COSTS. Ask how.

My Wallet card Certificate

No more damaged or lost certificates. Present Scissor-Lift certificates for an INSPECTION, JOB BID, or AUDIT in 60 seconds flat. 100% FREE with Onsite.

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What’s in YOUR Scissor-Lift Course


Theory Training

The Regulations and Personal Responsibility
The three Major Inspections
Understanding Leverage
Habits that Prevent a Tip-Over
Safety Systems and Devices


Practical Training

Safe drive speed and height
Hands-on Inspection
Learning the controls and set up
Safe and controlled driving
Safe driving skills


Practical Evaluation

Inspection skills
Safe driving skills
Lifting and Lowering Safely


Smart Certificate

Training Records In The Cloud
Never Lose or Damage Certificates
Quickly Share Operator files on Any Device

Scissor-Lift Training

Onsite Training’s lift operator certification course ensures you meet these 2 requirements for your lift operators. Additionally we offer you a lift operator re-certification and online elevated work platform training class.  Schedule Today!

Choose Scissor-Lift Training
That Works For You

  • Boom-liftHands On Aerial Lift Training

    Our hands-on aerial lift operator training is the more traditional way to get your lift training done. Some of our clients prefer to have everyone in the same class at the same time. Our trainer will come to the site or your shop to complete theory and practical training and evaluation.

    Starting @ $195Quote Me
  • engineer imgBlended Aerial Lift Training

    Take advantage of our blended aerial lift training course. Your staff complete the theory training on a computer, tablet, or phone. Our trainer will come to the site or your shop to complete practical training and evaluation.

    Starting @ $195Quote Me
  • engineer imgCombine Training Courses

    Combine your courses today if you need more than one course. All of our courses can be put together as you need.  Contact us and let’s talk about what works for you!

    Starting @ $195Quote Me
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Scissor Lift Training Price Lists


Free Trial







Boom or Scissor Lift

Review Company Polices

Discuss Due Diligence

Safe Operating Procedures

Onsite Practical Training

Operator Evaluation




Boom & Scissor Lift Combined

Regulations and Company Polices

Discuss Due Diligence

Safe Operating Procedures

Onsite Practical Training

Operator Evaluation



UP to 10 Operators Single Lift 

Low Impact To Operations, 1 Operator At A TIme Needed For Practical Training

Discuss Due Diligence

Safe Operating Procedures

Onsite Practical Training

Operator Evaluation



UP to 10 Operators Boom & Scissor Lifts 

Low Impact To Operations, 1 Operator At A TIme Needed For Practical Training

Discuss Due Diligence

Safe Operating Procedures

Onsite Practical Training

Operator Evaluation

Scissor Lift Training & Certification FAQ

Do I need a Scissor-Lift Operator license?

Yes…But. It’s not called an Scissor-Lift license. It’s an Scissor-Lift operator certificate. You need to get training and lift operator certification from a qualified aerial lift trainer.  An Scissor-Lift operator certificate is issued once the operator has passed all training and tests. To back up your lift ticket, all documentation of AWP operator training are attached to your records. Your FREE smart card account will store all of that for you in one place.

Scissor lift training is required by law in Canada. Unfortunately, not all companies are aware of this requirement or have the time to train their staff on how to safely operate these lifts.

With Onsite Equipment Training Services you can be sure that your employees will receive the scissor lift operator training they need so you don’t get fined for non-compliance with safety regulations. We provide our services throughout Manitoba.  Cities including, but not limited to Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Steinbach and more!

Our experienced trainers will come right to your site and teach each employee how to properly use a scissor lift safely regardless of experience level. Your employees will learn everything from basic operation procedures to advanced maintenance tips that could save you thousands of dollars down the road. Our courses are available at an affordable price point so everyone can benefit from them regardless of budget size!

Scissor-Lift Certification Cost?

We price our programs, so you get the most punch for your budget. Your price starts as low as $147 for a combined aerial work platform operator course when you combine both scissor lift and boom lift.  Se also offer aerial lift fall protection in addition to our aerial lift training courses.

When can I get Scissor-Lift Training?

Convenient scissor lift training is not easy to find sometimes.

Companies like yours are require to have their employees go through scissor lift operator training before they can operate this equipment. This is a great safety measure, but it also makes it difficult for employers who don’t have the time or money to send their employees off the jobsite for this training.

We provide onsite scissor lift operator training in Manitoba so that your staff can be trained by our experienced instructors without having to leave work! Our trainers are friendly, knowledgeable and professional – just like you should expect from your training provider.. Contact Us today

Scissor-Lift operator certification outside of Winnipeg?

Yes, we do. We offer an Scissor-Lift operator course to all of our clients no matter where they are. You can also take advantage of our online Scissor-Lift operator course. if you only need scissor-lift operator training or boom-lift operator training we can do that as well. For clients strapped for time , the online scissor-lift operator course or the online boom-lift operator course are excellent options. Once completed we come to the Jobsite to complete the practical evaluations. When Your operators successfully complete the evaluations they are given their Scissor-Lift operator certificate.
We come to your team where they are. Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage La Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach. The list goes on.
We also work in Northern Ontario cities like Kenora, Thunder Bay, and Dryden. Our name says it all.

How long does a Scissor-Lift ticket last?

An aerial work platform operator license expires every five years. Once expired, the operator needs to do a refresher course.
They can do the online aerial work platform operator course or the the more traditional aerial work platform safety course in person. It really depends on what you need.

Do you offer Scissor Lift Refresher course?

Yes, we do. The online program is a perfect fit for Lift operator recertification. We can come to Your workplace or jobsite and complete the practical evaluations onsite. We also do in-person recertification training if you prefer.

Scissor lift training can be hard to find.  Especially during peak season for construction when everyone is looking for training.

This is a high risk activity, and I’ve been to many jobsites where the operators are not properly trained or trained at all. The human and liability dangers are real and the costs are not worth the risk.

We offer on-site training in Manitoba to help you get the most out of your lift operators.  We make sure they can safely and correctly use their scissor lift. Our trainer will come out to your site at a time that works best for you, so your team can learn how to use these machines right away without having to take days off work or wait weeks until there’s space available at one of our competitors!

What are the Manitoba Workplace Scissor-Lift Regulations?

Working at heights is a dangerous and stressful job. It’s important to make sure that your employees are trained in safety procedures before they start working at height.

There are many different types of lifts available for hire, but not all lifts can be used on every site or completed the same tasks. This means that there is a lot of equipment out there which could cause an accident if it isn’t used properly.

We provide safe training for lifting equipment so that you know how to use each piece safely without putting anyone’s life in danger. Our experienced trainers will show you how to operate the lift with confidence, reducing the risk of injury and making sure your projects run smoothly from start to finish!

Manitoba Workplace Safety & Regulations for Aerial Lift Operators:

CAN/CSA-B354.8:17 Mobile elevating work platforms
5 Requirements for training, familiarization and authorizing operators
Only personnel properly trained, familiarized and authorized in accordance with this International Standard shall operate a MEWP/AWP.

7.4 Training/retraining
The operator shall be trained or retrained as necessary to keep the level of proficiency at an acceptable level.
Expiration of valid training period which shall not exceed 5-years

4(2) without limiting the generality of an employer’s duty under subsection

(1), every employer shall

(b) provide to all his worker’s such information, instruction, training, supervision and facilities to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his workers;

(c) ensure that all his workers, and particularly his supervisors, foremen, charge hands or similar persons, are acquainted with any safety or Health hazards which may be encountered by the workers in the course of their service and that workers are familiar with the use of all devices or equipment provided for their protection.

How Long Is The Scissor-Lift Course?

It depends on the size of your group and their experience. If you do the scissor-lift operator certification course or boom-lift operator certification course individually. You’re looking at about a half a day.
If you decide to combine the Scissor-Lift safety courses your looking at 6-8 hours. But again it depends on the size of the group and their experience.
Tell us some details about your specific needs here and we can get you a good idea of how much time it’ll take.

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