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Book Telehandler Training and Certification in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas

Onsite Equipment Training Services offers you a North America recognized Telehandler training course. We help your Telehandler/zoom boom operators meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulations.

We offer you Class 7 forklift certificate training in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Take advantage of onsite zoom boom courses across Manitoba now. We also offer online telehandler training/online zoom boom training.

The program includes classroom instruction and a practical hands-on evaluation. The entire process is documented in a professional package. Your telehandler operator certification made easy.

The Telehandler certification course is at your facility or at our location.

Telehandler certification course length:

Beginner approx. 5-8 hours (depending on class size)

Experienced/Re-certification approx. 2-6 hours (depending on class size)

Telehandler Forklift training cost:

Hands-on Telehandler certification

$200.00 per person.

$1799.00 group rate. Max. 10 operators. 

Blended online Telehandler license class (online training, onsite practical evaluation)

$195.00 per person

$1545.00 group rate

Telehandler Fork lift truck training options:

Onsite telehandler training at your workplace or our telehandler training school location.

Blended online zoomboom license course. Evaluation at your site.

Forklift certification names:

Rough terrain forklifts, Class VII

Telehandler Class 7 forklift

Variable reach forklift certification

Rough terrain forklifts

Zoom boom license

Telehandler certification and your bottom line:

Lower the risk of an incident/accident.

Meet and exceed Manitoba Telehandler operator training regulations.

Telehandler license recognized across North America

Reduce the risk of Manitoba workplace & health Telehandler Forklift investigations and fines.

Maintain CORE compliant status.

Qualify for lower liability insurance rates. 

Forklift Operator Training Breakdown:

Theory delivered through the Telehandler training manual or the online Telehandler license course.

A written forklift operator theory test. A passing grade of 80% is needed to move forward to practical training.

After the theory test is passed and reviewed. We move on to the practical training on your Reach Forklift truck. The operator will learn important, simple methods for operating their Telehandler safely.

A Practical Evaluation is completed. It will prove your variable reach lift operator can properly inspect and safely operate the telescopic forklift.

Once completed the operator will get their Telehandler Forklift license/Reach Forklift ticket. 

Telehandler Forklift Training Course Outcomes

  1. How to perform the 3 key inspections of your forklift:
  2. Safety systems and devices of the reach truck
  3. Understanding Leverage and 24inch load center distance
  4. Stability and capacity of the forklift
  5. Safe operation of the forklift
  6. Reading the reach truck load chart
  7. Parking and shutdown of the variable reach forklift


Telehandler Training Records

The Telehandler Forklift safety course for your staff comes with a full documentation package. This includes theory and practical evaluations. Wallet-sized Telehandler certification and wall-sized Telehandler certificate.

You also get an electronically stored Telehandler/Zoomboom certificate. Telehandler/Zoomboom ticket. Stored in the mywalletcard web application (an Onsite Equipment Training Services partner). Free of charge.

Manitoba Safety Workplace and Health Regulations:

22.29(1) No employer shall require or permit a worker to operate a powered lift truck unless the employer has issued a certificate to the worker under this section.

22.29(2) No employer shall issue a certificate to a worker to operate a powered lift truck unless the employer has first ensured that the worker.

Has received instruction, training and testing in the operation of the powered lift truck in accordance with a code of practice approved and issued under the Act. CSA Standard B335-15

Why get your variable reach truck operator certification with Onsite Equipment Training Services?

When telehandlers are operated the wrong way. Everyone is at risk.

Your staff

Contractors and other trades

The public

The machines are large, heavy, and operate in a lot of space. When things go wrong on this equipment. They go very wrong. Very quickly. These errors often happen because of improper forklift training.

Using a Telehandler school like OETS is a great option for outsourcing your reach truck safety training. Get your reach truck certification in Winnipeg and surrounding areas today with Onsite Equipment Training Services.

Your preferred reach truck training school for forklift training services.

Client Testimonials

Zoomboom training course was very informative.

It was thorough and excellent, and all done on very short notice. Very appreciated on our part.

Thank you for giving us free access to mywalletcard

You made it easy to understand, that’s hard to do. Trust me I’ve tried!

Funny guy! Knows his stuff! Good course!

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Manhattan / NYC

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Telehandler/Zoom-boom Training, Manitoba

November 27, 2018

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