Zoom-Boom Trainer Training

Telehandler forklift operator

Zoom-Boom Trainer Training

Starting @ $1250.00

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Onsite Equipment Training Services offers you professional Zoom-Boom train the trainer certification programs for your in-house trainers. We help your forklift safety trainers meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulations to train your in-house lift trainers.

We specialize in onsite train the trainer programs across Manitoba. Our programs meet the standards of each province across Canada. Whether your province follows the CSA standards, ANSI standards or both. We’ve got You Covered

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What Makes US Different?

Our Zoom-Boom Trainer course teaches Your in-house Trainer how to teach, not how to read out loud.

Meet the Regulations

You will meet Your local Workplace Safety and Health regulations and CSA/ANSI/OSHA Industry Standards.

Convenient Training

We come to your Workplace or Jobsite. Ask about our blended online Zoom-Boom trainer courses for Uber-like convenience.

Combine Your Courses

Combine for savings of up to 63% per extra classes.

My Wallet card Certificate

Manage Zoom-Boom Instructor certificates for an INSPECTION, JOB BID, or AUDIT. 100% FREE.

What’s in Your In-house Zoom-Boom Trainer Course

Theory Training

The Rules and Regulations
Excavator Operator Training Guide
Keys to Safe Operation
Engaging Training Techniques

Practical Training

Pre Use Inspection Process
Safe Operating Procedures
Excavator Certification Records
Safe driving skills

Practical Evaluation

Classroom Training Evaluation
Operator Evaluations
Documentation Skills

Smart Certificate

FREE Smart Certificate
Present Trainer license on any device
Share Training Certification

Telehandler Trainer

Book Telehandler train the trainer in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas Onsite Equipment Training Services offers you a professional Telehandler train the trainer certification program for your inhouse trainers.

Choose Zoom-Boom Trainer Training
That Works For You

  • Hands-On Training

    Face to face training with one of our trainers is excellent for one on one Q & A. We review the manual and test your operators’ skills.

    Starting @ $185Quote Me
  • Blended Online Training

    Complete Your theory training online. You can do it on any device with internet. Pick a date for the practical. It’s that simple.

    Starting @ $215Quote Me
  • Combine Your Courses

    Combined Training Combine your courses today to save big. We offer you courses that are designed for different types of requirements.

    Starting @ $175Quote Me


Zoom-Boom Trainer Training

What’s in My Zoom-Boom Trainer Training?

You get a nationally recognized Zoom-Boom trainer program for your in-house trainers. Training is in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding cities and towns. Onsite train the trainer programs are always available. Take advantage wherever that may be. Whenever that may be…It’s up to you.

Zoom-Boom Health and Safety Training in simple steps!

Zoom-Boom Health and Safety simple steps!
1. Theory training through the Trainer manual or online trainer course.
2. We show Your Trainer how to guide a group of operators in the classroom and on the Zoom-Boom.
3. A skills test to assess your Zoom-Boom trainer’s competence.
4. After successful completion, Your Trainer will get a Zoom-Boom Trainer License.

Zoom-Boom Trainer Certification Cost?

Our Training courses priced, so you see immediate value. Your price is as low as $500 each for extra courses.
$1250 Blended online Zoom-Boom Trainer.
$1499.00 Traditional Zoom-Boom Trainer.

The Zoom-Boom trainer compliance kit

Includes all tests, Answer keys, and Zoom-Boom operator compliance evaluations.
Wallet-sized certifications
Wall-sized certificates
Documentation binder and/Walletcard Account.
Get Zoom-Boom operator training manuals at exclusive trainer prices.

You get a FREE Smartcard account for your trainer. Store all your employee tickets in Walletcard with an ultra-low-cost subscription. You’ll get automatic reminders before its time to recertify.

Zoom-Boom Trainer Course length?

It depends on the experience and size of the class. The training program can go from 1-2 days. It also depends on which type of Zoom-Boom trainer training you choose. The traditional course takes 2 days, unless combined with another course. The blended online course is shortened because Your trainer can do a good part of the training online. Please give us some details about your needs. We will get you a clear picture of how to succeed. Please contact us.

How long does a Zoom-Boom trainer certificate last?

Zoom-Boom Trainers recertify every three years. Our budget-friendly online refresher program is the perfect option to complete your trainer recertification. It’s excellent because You never have to leave the workplace. That means no flights. No hotels. No extra costs.

What are the Types of Zoom-Booms?

The Industrial Truck Association has identified seven types of Powered Industrial Zoom-Boom truck. They are
1. Electric motor rider Trucks – Class I
2. Electric Narrow Aisle Truck – Class II
3. Electric motor Hand/Rider truck (Power Pallet Zoom-Booms) Class III
4. Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalanced Truck (solid/Cushion tires) Class VI
5. Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalanced Truck (air-filled tires) Class V
6. Electric or Internal combustion engine tractors (solid/air-filled tires) Class VI
7. Rough Terrain Zoom-Boom Trucks Class VII

How long is an Zoom-Boom course?

It depends on the size of your group and their experience. The Zoom-Boom operator class can go anywhere from less than an hour to a full day depending on if you choose the online blended course or go with the traditional program. Tell us some details about your specific needs here and we can get you a good idea of how much time it’ll take.

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