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Why Forklift Training Is Important To Your Company
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Why Forklift Training Is Important

Some new businesses or employees may question the importance of proper forklift training, however, the benefits are quite significant. Operating a machine as big as a forklift can be trickier than anticipated, especially in certain work environments. Between the risk of injury and possibly legal and financial ramifications, forklift operator training is proven to be a valuable investment within many industries. Plus, ensuring all employees have proper health and safety training is vital to employee morale, and forklift training should be treated no differently.

The Dangers and Risks of Inexperience

Working in a variety of environments and conditions, forklift operators are presented with various hazards. Proper, safe operation of lift trucks is a prime concern, but many other threats can be present in warehouse, manufacturing, or construction workplaces as well. Even if an employee has experience operating a forklift, new work environments can present new risks.

Causes of Forklift Accidents

Unfortunately, the reality is, accidents can happen whether employees are trained or not. Proper training and certification can help bring awareness to the potential dangers associated with operating a forklift, reducing the likelihood of accidents. There are a variety of situations that can result in accidents, however some of the most common includes:

  • Driving with a load elevated
  • Traveling at excessive speeds
  • Failure to inspect equipment
  • Operation of faulty equipment
  • Poor communication during operation
  • Improper operation; turning, braking, reversing, etc.
Risks for a Business

Improper forklift use and maintenance can pose many risks for a business. The success of a corporation relies on sustaining efficient operations and financial choices. Accidents can result in many issues for companies, including employee safety, damages, employee retraining, and possible non-compliance penalties. Investing in quality training and certification can help businesses limit the occurrence of accidents and lower these associated risks.

Employee Safety

Keeping all employees safe is a priority for all businesses and is vital to the overall performance of a company. Missing employees due to injury or suspension will affect the process, which can result in lost revenues. Offering employees a safe work environment also improves their morale, and will likely result in longer employment and devotion to the company.

Damages or Repairs

The costs associated with accidents can add up between damaged products, industrial shelving, and the forklift machines themselves. Additionally, the time it takes to clean up, repair equipment, and resume operations can slow production further, resulting in loss of revenue.

Retraining Employees

Hiring untrained employees without proper certification can result in a longer hiring process in the end. If accidents or misuse of equipment occurs, resulting in suspension or termination, businesses may find themselves repeating the hiring process more frequently, wasting their time, money, and resources.

Non-Compliance Penalties

Businesses across Canada are required to comply with the CSA Safety Standards. The CSA B335-15 safety standard indicates the training that must be met by employees, employers, and forklift training facilities. If found to be non-compliant with this standard, businesses can be penalized with fines, which will increase with repeated offenses.

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