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Forklift Operator Training

Workplace Safety & Health Compliant Forklift Courses That Respect Your Business Operations

Forklift Operator Training

Workplace Safety & Health Compliant Forklift Courses That Respect Your Business Operations

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Do you need onsite forklift operator certification?  We ensure You meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulations without hassle or headache.

We specialize in onsite operator certification for clients just like you.  Across Manitoba.



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Review Regulations

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Discuss Due Diligence

Safe Operating Procedures

Onsite Practical Training

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8-10 Operators Single Course  

Low Impact To Operations, 1 Operator At A TIme Needed For Practical Training

Discuss Due Diligence

Safe Operating Procedures

Onsite Practical Training

Operator Evaluation

Forklift Certification

What are the Manitoba Workplace Operator Regulations?

Manitoba Regulations for Forklift Operators:

22.29 (1) No employer shall require or permit a worker to operate a powered lift truck unless the employer has issued a certificate to the worker under this section.

22.29 (2) No employer shall issue a certificate to a worker to operate a powered lift truck unless the employer has first ensured that the worker
(a) Has received instruction, training, and testing in the operation of the powered lift truck in accordance with a code of practice approved and issued under the Act.

Are You Still Training During Covid-19?

* COVID-19 and the current variant strain.  Have made training a bit more tricky lately.  Because of it, We are providing a blended online forklift operator license course.  In some cases we will provide a full hands on training program.  Call if you need a full hands on program to discuss safety protocols*

Theory training

Your operator completes the online training on a computer, tablet or smart phone.  During the course they will complete mini quizzes and have a final quiz at the end of the course.  Once they pass, they move on to the practical, in person part of training on the equipment.

Practical Training

Our trainer comes onsite and trains your operator in their working environment and on the equipment they use.  When the operator shows they are comfortable and the trainer is confident they can operate safely.  The trainer evaluates their ability to operate the equipment.  The trainer makes sure they can inspect, safely operate, and shutdown and park the unit properly.

How Long Does the Forklift Course Take?

Online training can take approximately 2-2.5 hours if they go through the course without stopping.  However, they have the option to start and stop at any point in the course to take care of their other work responsibilities.  They can start from the same place when they are ready.

Onsite practical usually takes a 1/2 hour to 1 hour.  Really depends on the experience and skill level of the operator.  Our job is to make sure you operator is competent to use the equipment safely and efficiently.  If they need more time with the trainer.  We give them more time.

When can we get the Forklift training done?

At Onsite, we don’t believe in rigid schedules or making you wait any longer than absolutely necessary.  Some forklift operator training schools do.  Not Onsite.

Time in your business equals money.  So you can expect you won’t have to wait too long to get your staff trained.  With our blended forklift operator license program we only need a 1/2 to an hour with your operator.

We book on demand to keep our service a practical choice for you.  if a date is open and you want it.  its yours!  That simple.

Request a date that makes sense for you here and we will get back to you ASAP to confirm.

If you need training inside of 48 hours.  Please email us at to discuss and put together a plan.

Forklift Certification Cost?

Check out our price list above.  You can pick from any price plan or choose to customize your plan based on your specific needs.  If you would like to request a date for training please check here.  

If you need Forklift Training Winnipeg, there are zero travel costs.  For forklift operator training outside of the perimeter we charge travel costs after the perimeter highway.  Contact us for details

Will The Forklift Program Meet Manitoba WS&H Regulations?


The standards require that you train and certify operators with 2 basic elements.  These elements are 1 theory training and 2 practical training on the equipment that the operator uses.  All of our programs satisfy both elements.  The blended program gives you the most flexibility.

You can have employees complete the theory portion after work or stagger them at work.  This way you don’t have everyone away at the same time.  Like in a traditional course.

Once your employees complete the online forklift theory training our trainer comes to the jobsite to complete the practical training and evaluation.  Again, we can take one person at a time.  This ensures the least amount of impact on your business operations.

What is your minimum number of trainees?

We don’t actually have a minimum with blended online courses.    If you chose a single course for one operator the cost is $235.00 and travel costs outside of the perimeter hwy.

How long is certification good for?

Operators need a forklift refresher course 3 years after training.  We both know they have different needs than beginners.  We treat them accordingly.  It only makes sense.  If they have an incident or they are expired we will train them based on their level of experience.

We usually find that more experienced operators need to be reminded of some of the technical theory that applies to their abilities and we target bad habits learned over time.



What is the training standard?

Depending on the mobile equipment, the standards that are referred to by Regulations are the CSA and ANSI standards. (Canadian Standards Association and American National Standards Institute.  Each province will refer to one or both standards. In Manitoba both standards are recognized and IBR (Incorporated By Reference).

Ok, I'm Interested. What Is The Next Step?

The process is very simple.  Contact us online by picking a plan, requesting a quote, or requesting a date for training.

We will get back to you ASAP and discuss your training needs and

Likewise you can inquire at or call 204-296-470.

Do you have questions about our programs?

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