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WalletCard is provided for free to all Onsite Training customers and trainers.

When completing training with Onsite Equipment Training, you will be able to access your digital training records anytime or anywhere on the cloud. We are a verified trusted training provider on the WalletCard network!

Reduce Administrative Time, Resources and Costs of Health & Safety Management by Effectively Documenting your Safety Systems.

Here are some of the features and benefits for you:

Centralize All Training Data

Access, maintain and manage all of your organization’s training information in a singular location so it’s there when you need it most. WalletCard’s secure web-based platform ensures single sign-on for instant secure access of unlimited well-organized documentation.



Assign Job-Based Training

Set up an unlimited number of user groups based on job titles, roles, departments or locations and easily assign and organize training requirements to these groups. WalletCard’s Training Matrix software provides a real-time visual overview of every employee job requirement you create.



Efficiently Track Training

Every organization has the need to perform and document employee training. Eliminate wasted administrative time and resources lost through inefficiencies in managing employee training through spreadsheets, paper and other antiquated systems.



Certify Your Workforce

Create, issue and certify your organizations workforce with tracked custom digital credentials. Help workers feel even more engaged in the safety culture with records of training sent right to their desktop or mobile immediately after training so everyone is part of the training ecosystem.



Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Avoid compliance related penalties and fines and exceed training management standards. Consolidate all safety records including JSA, JHA, OHS, asbestos, fall protection, driver’s abstracts, COR, first-aid, forklift, competencies, equipment tracking, machine maintenance, and more to ensure 100% audit preparedness.

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