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Your Online Forklift Training Course?


Our Online Programs are widely recognized and have been used for over a decade by Employers across North America.  We are now Accepting a Limited Number of Forklift Job Searchers per week to keep up with the high demand since releasing our services at prices the public can afford. Get the Advantage of the 2% of job winners today at a fraction of the cost and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Once you are done the course(s) You will have access to Your FREE Smart account. Your certificate will be stored there for you and you can list Onsite Equipment Training as one of your references in your resume. We will personally vouch for you having taken the online course and can set up anything your new employer needs to make hiring you easier.

You can store all of your other tickets in your account for free as well. It’s a WIN-WIN all around for you!



How will this help me get the job? You will

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✅ Defend yourself from Employer blacklists 

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✅ You show the hiring manager you will instantly make their lives easier by saving them money and time…Right from day one!
✅ The hiring manager can easily be compliant with the regulations.
✅ You look Professional and Committed to Doing Your Best!
✅ They will be convinced they are getting better value for you with lower investment. Can’t beat that!


Regulations! Regulations can sit here!

How It Works!

Ok, this sounds like a perfect fit for me. So how does it work??
It’s easy. Follow these simple steps to Your Success.

✅ Order your certification courses here (hyperlink)
✅ You will get the special discount training invoiced to you. You can pay by Credit, Debit, or E-Transfer.
✅ Your course links are sent directly to your inbox after payment is confirmed.


✅ You do the training on Your Phone, Tablet or Computer
✅ Strapped for time? You can do the courses at your own pace. Start and Stop when you need to.
✅ You get THREE chances to PASS Your online written skills test.
✅ You Pass and we issue your certificates of training. Easy.


✅ You get your FREE Smartcard certificates the same day.
✅ Attach Your Certificates to Your Resume or application online, offline, or both.
✅ Fire them off to any Online Job Postings like Indeed, Workopolis, Kijiji, directly on the Company’s Websites or In-person.
✅ Get more views, clicks, and most importantly interviews!
✅ Use us as a reference for your interview. We will vouch for your training.


Put Your Resume on Steroids

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Combine courses and compare savings



Want to get the biggest bang for your buck and change into an overnight Superstar to HR Managers? 

Combine Your courses, and You’ll stick out like a FERRARI in a parking lot full of Astro Vans.

Combine Counter-balanced Forklift (class 1,4,5) with Narrow Aisle Forklift (Class 2) and/or Powered Pallet trucks for HUGE SAVINGS and quicker RESULTS.

The best part? You get 50% off the regular price of traditional training.

Instead of paying $600 for three warehouse/transportation courses, You pay the low price of $299 today.
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Money Back Guarantee!


If after you complete the course and you are unhappy with the contents of the program. Easily request a refund by email at before Your Certificate is issued to you.   I’ll cancel your order and refund 100% of the money you paid.

I’m this confident that it will be one of your very best and smartest investments in yourself. I know you’ll love it because of all the frustration, time, and money you’ll save.

I look forward to working with you to make your job hunt more successful than ever!

*Refunds are available to students that have completed courses with a passing grade. They are available to you up until your certificate is issued. They can be delivered as early as 2 hours after you have completed the course.

“98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the “Top 2%” of candidates make it to the interview”, says Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts. “Fixing the employment market requires helping job seekers become “Top 2% Candidates” who can meet employer’s rigorous requirements and easily hit the “bulls-eye” of employer needs to ensure they don’t make bad hires” continued Meier.

-Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts.