Skid Steer Training Winnipeg

Skid Steer Training Winnipeg


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Need Skid Steer Operator Certification?  Our program is Perfect for you. We help your company meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulations without hassle or headache.

We specialize in workplace Skid Steer certification for clients across Manitoba.

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What Makes US Different?

We help You Meet the Regulations and Create Safe Habits.

Meet the Regulations

Consider Your team Compliant because their training meets Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health regulations and CSA/ANSI/OSHA Industry Standards.

Convenient Training

When’s the next course? You tell us what works for you. We make it work. You expect hassle-free. So that’s what we do!

Combine Your Courses

Combine courses to save 35% – 50% off the PRICE and 79% of the COSTS. Ask how.

My Wallet card Certificate

No more damaged or lost certificates. Present Skid Steer certificates for an INSPECTION, JOB BID, or AUDIT in 60 seconds flat. 100% FREE with Onsite.

What’s in YOUR Skid Steer Course

Theory Training

The Regulations and Personal Responsibility
The three Major Inspections
Understanding Leverage
Habits that Prevent a Tip-Over
Safety Systems and Devices

Practical Training

Safe drive speed
Hands-on Inspection
Lever and Attachment controls
Safe and controlled driving
Safe driving skills

Practical Evaluation

Inspection skills
Safe driving skills
Bucket/Attachment usage
Score Practical Skills

Smart Certificate

Training Records In The Cloud
Never Lose or Damage Certificates
Quickly Share Operator files on Any Device

Skid Steer Training

Skid Steer certification training designed to suit your needs. We help your company meet and exceed Manitoba safety workplace and health regulations. We offer you Skid-Steer training and certification in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Choose Skid Steer Training
That Works For You

  • Hands-On Training

    Face to face training with one of our trainers is excellent for one on one Q & A. We review the manual and test your operators’ skills.

    Starting @ $185Quote Me
  • Blended Online Training

    Complete Your theory training online. You can do it on any device with internet. Pick a date for the practical. It’s that simple.

    Starting @ $215Quote Me
  • Combine Your Courses

    Combined Training Combine your courses today to save big. We offer you courses that are designed for different types of requirements.

    Starting @ $175Quote Me


Skid Steer Certification

Do I need an Skid Steer Operator license?

You bet. However, it’s not called a Skid Steer license. It’s a Skid Steer operator certificate. You need Skid Steer safety training and certification from a competent Skid Steer trainer.
At the end of the certificate course is the test. A Bobcat operator certificate is issued once you pass. To back up the ticket all documentation of bobcat safety training should be attached to your operators’ records. Your FREE smart card account will store all of that for you in one place

Skid Steer Certification Cost?

We price our programs, so you get the most out of your training budget. Your price can be as low as $135 for combined powered mobile equipment training up to $225 per Person for traditional courses. You can save even more by combining online training for your machine operator.

When can I get Bobcat Training?

Uptight schedules shouldn’t be the bottleneck to getting the loader training you need. Sometimes you need Skid Steer operator certification NEXT WEEK, umm TOMORROW, ERR…YESTERDAY?
Yesterday might be a bit tough, but we do everything possible to get Your Skid Steer operator training done when you need it. Our clients, both big and small, will tell you this is a promise you can take to the bank.

Skid Steer Certification Outside of Winnipeg?

Better believe it. We come to You wherever You may be. We provide skid steer loader safety courses all across the great province of Manitoba. Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage La Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach. The list goes on. We also work in Northern Ontario cities like Kenora, Thunder Bay, and Dryden. Our name Skid Steer Training winnipeg says it all.

How Long Does an Skid Steer ticket last?

Skid Steer Certificates expire every Three years according to a. Once expired, the Skid Steer driver needs to recertify. We have a few options for you to choose from to lessen the impact on your business operations.
Please contact us for details.

Do you offer Skid Steer Refresher course?

Yes, we do. The online program is a perfect fit for Lift operator recertification. We can come to Your workplace or jobsite and complete the practical evaluations onsite. We also do in-person recertification if you prefer.

How long is a Skid Steer course?

It depends on the size of your group and their experience. The Skid Steer Training winnipeg operator class can go anywhere from less than an hour to a full day depending on if you choose the online blended course or go with the traditional program. Tell us some details about your specific needs here and we can get you a good idea of how much time it’ll take.

What are the Manitoba Workplace Skid Steer Training winnipegRegulations?

Manitoba Workplace Safety & Regulations for Skid Steer Operators:
4(2) without limiting the generality of an employer’s duty under subsection (1), every employer shall
(b) provide to all his workers such information, instruction, training, supervision and facilities to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his workers;
(c) ensure that all his workers, and particularly his supervisors, foremen, charge hands or similar persons, are acquainted with any safety or Health hazards which may be encountered by the workers in the course of their service, and that workers are familiar with the use of all devices or equipment provided for their protection.

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